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Monday, January 30, 2012

How are you using data in your classroom?

I use MAP data to help students find books in their appropriate lexile range. I also use the RITs to work on areas of weakness.

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  1. MAP Data is one of the tools I use to differentiate instruction. I utilize the data to organize groups; sometimes I organize the groups with varying RIT scores to help the struggling students understand harder concepts. At times I put strugglers together and give them a lower lexiled reading.

    With my ESL students I utilize the MAP Data and ACCESS scores in order to have multiple measures. By comparing the two I can have a better understanding of what the students really know, I am not relying on one test score on one day.

    I have a textbook library in my classroom; each book has a lexile score. Instead of a one book fits all approach, my students can utilize a textbook at their independent level.


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