Final Reflection

Final Thoughts about C&I 579

What attitudes, skills, and concept have you gained from participating in the course?

 This class more than any I have taken, has made me think and reflect about where education is going and where I fit in as a teacher.  Nine weeks ago I felt I was a progressive teacher because I have a student centered classroom and I focus on reading and writing.  I believe historical content was secondary to the skills needed to be college and career ready.  Boy was I wrong in thinking I had this figured out…I learned teaching in the 21st century is going to require a whole new skill set.  Our students were born with computers in their hands and we teachers have to be prepared if the next generation is going to be ready to take on the world.  By the end of these nine weeks, I found myself asking our text book publisher if the current book is available online and if we could have digital updates.  I researched reading online and taught students how to utilize resources available for critical literacy. I taught my tech department about available resources and I fought like hell to get some of the school computers opened up to those resources.  I did not change my core beliefs, I became a better me because I now know more than my colleagues and my students are aware of the importance of computer literacy.   I feel I am in a position to effect change in our school and in our district.

 What have you learned in the course that you will not forget tomorrow?

I have always had the desire to continue to learn about my profession, but I have had a narrow focus, my classroom and my students; I did not see the global impact of teaching.  As the world “flattens” I must teach my students how to function in a changing world.  With every unit, every lesson, I must guide my students from discovery to creation, 21st century skills must always find a way into my lessons.

 How will you apply what you have learned to your teaching and future learning?

 I have spent a lot of time thinking about why it is important to flip my classroom.  I did some sole searching about why we must monitor our students learning.  I came to the conclusion that in today’s world, students do not learn how to take on different roles in society.  They move from daycare to school, after school activities are prescribed with play dates and scripted activities.  The students are not discovering and role playing.  Technology when utilized correctly can take on the role of the lecturer or the tutor, leaving class time for monitored practice and time to explore.  The classroom is now where the students are learning and discovering all of the roles they must assume to take on the world.  Technology is the tool to help the students learn, but I have to create dynamic lessons, step aside and monitor while the students are allowed to utilize their multiple intelligences to create and learn and grow.  C & I 579 has not only opened my eyes to technology, it has also opened my eyes to the future of education and helped me realize there is urgency to implementing immediate change.


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